HR Soup for the HR Soul - Virtual Happy Hour

August 13, 2020
4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
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Virtual Webinar


 Greetings NWI SHRM Members,

                Hoping for each of you and your families all is going as well as can be expected in these times.  That being said I am asking for your assistance in putting together a virtual “HR Soup for the HR Soul” happy hour in August.  More to say about this shortly. 

                Noteworthy news, we had very good attendance in our June NWI SHRM virtual program on Recruiting in a Moment of Crisis by Ryan Kohler and we have a great virtual program lined up for Wednesday July 29th  presented by Mercer looking at Benefit Plan Designs and Offerings for 2021 and Beyond.  Please mark your calendars and register online at to attend this no-cost program.  

                Back to the virtual Happy Hour proposed program.  We (BOD of NWI SHRM) are looking at hosting a free virtual happy hour on Thursday August 13th from 4:30 pm to 5:00 or so.  The purpose of the program is to share your stories/comments, ideas with your HR colleagues to enlighten, uplift, and consciously demonstrate our human connectedness to each other through this event, but I need your help. 

                During this crisis, it is important to know we are living through this pandemic together as professionals but life lesson in leadership says “No one will care how much you know, until they know how much you care,” so I am soliciting your individual stories to share with our collective, one or two paragraphs each will be read by the BOD members during this happy hour event.   Another idea for a story is if you did something noteworthy as an HR professional for your organization/employees as a result of this pandemic that you would like to share is certainly welcomed as well, such as  “I learned from a colleague the steps needed to complete the PPA application!”  There are many compassionate or illuminating stories that have occurred during this crisis which would be wonderful and uplifting to share with each other for half an hour or so. 

                An example; I was talking with a retired HR professional, she is no longer working, self-quarantined to her house for the most part and every day is essentially the same as yesterday.  She kept asking her husband what day of the week it is since there are no longer agendas or meetings to deal with.  Her husband, suffering from the same malady has designed their week around two major weekly reference points tracking the days of the week.  One is the “big paper” day (Sunday) and the other is garbage pickup day (Wednesday.)  Given those reference points, this letter is reaching you two days before “big paper day.”

                Please submit your short stories, your experiences from an HR perspective, or descriptions of events or activities, quotes that you think might contribute to the overall well-being of your HR community.  You can submit them with a note “keep anonymous” or we will share your contribution acknowledging you if you do not mind.  We might ask some of you to present but we will see how all this goes first.  You do not have to present, just submit (two paragraphs or less) and then join/listen with others as well.  You do not have to submit anything to join us either.  Your presence will be welcomed.  Editing might have to occur if we have too many submissions but the real purpose of this “happy hour” is to be uplifting, put a smile on our faces during this time and let each of us know we are in this together.

                Send your thoughts and stories to Barb Black at [email protected] by Thursday, August 6th (one day after garbage pickup day) and we will format the submissions into a fun, inspiring, and reassuring event on Thursday, August 13, (how many days after garbage pickup day?) 

               Hopefully, we can solicit enough information to be able to hold this event.  More to come about this event in a few weeks.  Thank you in advance.


Rex Mudge

President of NWI SHRM


P.S.  I know there is an HR professional who assisted in helping his wife make over two hundred masks for a group of hospital workers.  His sole responsibility was to iron 40” strips of fabric pressing them in half and then pressing them in half again creating the straps for the 200 plus masks.  Not being experienced at all with a hot steam iron, he was constantly burning his fingers with the steam from the iron subsequently drawing out a continual mantra of swear words culminating in his wife scolding him about his excessive swearing which he replied, he is not searing, he was just blessing each strap.               



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